What considerations should be taken into account when purifying PCR products using gel extraction?

Date: 2023-8-22
★ If the PCR product is not a single band, you can cut out the desired band yourself and send it. However, please try to remove other gel portions that do not contain DNA. If the gel is 2% agarose or higher, it requires special treatment different from standard conditions. Please make sure to specify this on the order form.
★ If you want our laboratory to handle the gel-cutting step, please provide an electrophoresis image. Note that the recovery rate is lower for gel purification, so send double the amount of PCR product.

Please be aware:
Gel purification inevitably leaves agarose residue, which can impact sequencing reactions. As a result, sequencing results may be inferior compared to standard purification methods, leading to shorter interpretable read lengths.

Sanger Sequencing

1. The ABI 3730xl system yields sequencing results with an average length of approximately 700-800 base pairs, with a maximum length of up to 1000 base pairs.
2. Stable, rapid, and professional.
3. Exclusive data management system.
4. Swift delivery of result reports.