About Us

Tri-I Biotech Inc.

Tri-I Biotech Inc. was founded in 2000 with the Ideal of ​​Innovation and providing Integration to customers, forming Tri-I, focusing on life science-related research services and consulting.

Since 2002, a gene sequencing and gene synthesis laboratory has been established. Among them, the gene sequencing laboratory (Genetic Lab. Of TRI-I BIOTECH) has obtained TAF certification since September 2012.

At the same time, we provide fragmented gene sequencing, whole-genome sequencing, nucleic acid synthesis, microbial-related identification services, specific genotype analysis, gene fluorescence quantitative analysis and many other customized services.

There are currently two business locations, Taipei head office (where the laboratory is located) and Taichung office, dedicated to agency product sales and laboratory testing services.

Tri-I Biotech Inc. Team owns

1. Comprehensive post-sales service consultation
2. Exclusive data management system
3. Swift delivery of result reports
4. Professional bioinformatics analysis

ISO/IEC 17025 testing laboratory

Genetic Lab. Of TRI-I BIOTECH has obtained TAF certification since September 2012. It is an ISO/IEC 17025 testing laboratory with certification number 2614 and has obtained seven certification projects in total.

Tri-I Sequencing

1. Complete sequencing services for the first, second, and third generations.
2. Comprehensive post-sales service consultation.
3. Exclusive data management system.
4. Swift delivery of result reports.
5. Professional bioinformatics analysis.